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Chalk paint or chalk paint is precisely a paint based on chalk or plaster. The truth is that it is not a new painting, much less, but in recent years it has become very fashionable. Among the main advantages of chalk paint, we can name its covering and drying power.

They can also be applied without priming or sanding on most materials, something that undoubtedly makes things much easier. Undoubtedly an option of the most attractive to renew that furniture that is old-fashioned or simply to give them a different touch.

what is chalk paint

If you are thinking of painting with chalk paint you should keep in mind that there are other products on the market that do not precisely chalk paint. For example, the paintings in the container say “tada paint”, “painting effect chalk “, “chalk finish”, “effect chalk paint”, “painting type chalk”, or variants of this type are not exactly painting chalk paint. They can surely mimic the matte finish, but they are not the same.

What Surfaces Can I Paint with Chalk Paint?

Before talking about surfaces suitable for painting with “chalk” paint we have to clarify an important point. It is decorative painting, and this must be taken into account. Therefore it will serve to paint surfaces that are not constantly exposed to roses. That is why the paint is not suitable for outdoor use. Maybe at this point, it is a good idea to look for a product of a similar finish but designed for exteriors or surfaces exposed to roses.

Returning to the question, what can I paint with “chalk paint”? The truth is that, taking into account the above, almost everything. The versatility in terms of its application is immense. You can paint metal, ceramics, stone, wood, concrete and even fabrics.

Why is Chalk Painting Fashionable?

As we said before, it’s not about anything new, “chalk paint” has been around for many years. What happens is that in recent times the trend of DIY and DIY decoration has been imposed (do it yourself). Then, among the lovers of decoration, the restoration of furniture, the personalization of decorative pieces, and even the manufacturing of furniture with pallets or wooden boxes have become very fashionable. Being very easy to paint, it is clear why it is fashionable and has become a trend lately.

Although it is often used more than anything in furniture, we should not rule out giving a different touch to that old-fashioned lampstand, the chalky finish will make it shine again in your living room. In addition, you can also apply this paint to chalk on smooth surfaces such as melanin, glass or plastic. The best of all? Undoubtedly its matte finish with a velvety touch.

Why You Use Chalk paints?

Its use could not be easier. The only important thing here is to have the surface to be painted clean. Therefore, use soap and water thoroughly. Clean and dry to remove traces of dust and grease.

After this, the surface will be ready to paint with shawl paint, either by brush or roller. Drying takes no more than 15 minutes and it is advisable to give a second layer so that its effect is even more velvety. Yes, as you read, cleaning the surface is enough. It is not necessary to sand or treat the surface before painting with ​this paint.

7 Advantages of Chalk Paint”

The painting chalk or chalk paints has earned its place among the products most used by fans of the DIY thanks to the advantages it offers. We tell you the six most interesting qualities of this painting.

1. Dummies-Proof Paint:

The paint is a really simple paint, suitable for all audiences whether you are a handyman at home or if you have never carried out any crafts or DIY work. You can apply it with both roller and brush or spray gun. You can even get chalk paint in spray format.

2. It’s Toxin-free:

Chalk paint is water-based paint and therefore, does not contain any type of solvent and is toxic-free. You can even find in the market eco-certified chalk paint (Ecolabel) like the one manufactured by Titan Industries. Being a water paint you can wash the utensils you have used to paint with a little water and soap, you will not need anything else.

3. Can be Applied Directly

It can be applied on almost any clean surface, without having to give a layer of pre-priming (glass, metal, wood, plaster, plastic, cloth, plaster). If you have an old dresser with a layer of previous paint, you will not need to scratch or remove the paint, it will be enough to clean it well in furniture and directly to paint.

4. The Colors of Paint are Inter-Mixable:

You can mix different shades of chalk paint until you get the color you want. In this way, starting from some colors you can get almost any tone.

5. This Paint Spreads a Lot:

The paint is a dense paint, covering with a single layer, so with a small amount you can paint a wide surface. To give you an idea, with a liter of the Chalk Paint from Titan you can paint between 6 and 8 m2.

6. It’s a Paint That Work Quickly:

The composition of this material makes it very easy and fast to work with it, also allows easy sanding.

7. The Taint Doesn’t Smell:

It is a water-based paint without smell, therefore you can paint inside the house without fear of leaving unpleasant odors in it.

​Final Words

​Chalk or chalky finish paints are a type of acrylic paint that contains plaster, with high coverage and very fast drying. The main advantage of chalk paints​ is that they can be applied without priming or sanding on most materials, such as painted or unpainted wood, metal, ceramics, stone, plaster or any other rigid surface.

It is also possible to apply the paints to the chalk directly on smooth surfaces, such as melamine, glass or plastic. In addition, it has an ultra-velvety touch finish. If you want to know more, we tell you more in-depth about what is chalk paints or chalky finish.

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