The 6 Best Paint for Shoes for 2021 (Reviews & Updated)

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best paint for shoes
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Painting is a great way to decorate and customize shoes or sneakers. There’re different types of paints available, but all of them are not for shoes.

If you paint shoes with the wrong paints then you’ll end up with a disappointing result for sure. That’s why when you want to paint your shoes, you’ve to select the perfect and best paint for shoes.

In this post, we’re going to review the top 6 best shoe paints. So if you’re looking for high quality paint for shoes, scroll down, read the full review, and then purchase paint for painting your sneakers or shoes.

Our Top Picks

 ProductDetails  Price
 U.S. Art Supply 24 Color Acrylic Airbrush, Leather & Shoe PaintOur champion: Our overall best choiceCheck Price
 Angelus Leather Paint SetBest Paint for Leather ShoesCheck Price
 Shuttle Art Permanent Soft Fabric Paint for ShoesBest Permanent Paint for ShoesCheck Price
 Leather Studio Leather Paint (2-Ounce)Best Multi-purpose Leather PaintCheck Price
 Super Markers 40 Unique Primary & Pastel ColorsBest Shoe Paint MarkersCheck Price
 Neon Nights Glow in the Dark Paint for ShoesBest Glow in the Dark Acrylic Shoe PaintCheck Price

Top 6 Best Paint for Shoes | Fabric, Canvas, Leather Shoes & Sneakers Paints Reviews

Shoes are made of different types of materials such as canvas, fabric, and leather. Finding paint for them is not so easy task. So, we are here to make that easy with our selected products reviews.

1. U.S. Art Supply Acrylic Airbrush, Canvas, Leather & Shoe Paint – 24 Color Options

This U.S Art Supply acrylic paint set comes in 24 colors, 12 primary opaque colors, 12 secondary opaque colors. The pack includes one bottle of airbrush cleaner, one bottle of airbrush reducer as well.

Also, it comes with a color mixing wheel as well, which means you can mix the color to make a unique color for your shoes.

The paint is always ready to use, but only you need to buy an airbrush gun.

The company says the paint is thin enough for use, but if you see it’s not perfect, I mean you need to thin, then you can use the paint thinner which comes with the pack.

With these paints, you can decorate your canvas, fabric, and leather shoes. Therefore, also, this paint is perfect for use on paper, wood, plastics, metals, ceramic, and much more.

These paints are made with high-quality light-fast pigments and provide permanent results on textile surfaces & most mixed-media. However, these paints are non-toxic, which means these pain bottles are safe to use.

Key Features to Highlight:

  • It’s non-toxic
  • It has 24 color options
  • Pack includes cleaner & thinner
  • Comes with a color mixing weel
  • Best paint for canvas, leather, and fabric shoes

2. Angelus Leather Paint – 12 Colors – Best Paint for Leather Shoes

If you’re searching for leather shoe paint, leather boot, or leather sneakers, then you can purchase this Angelus Leather Paint because the paint set specially made for leathers. The paint set includes 12 colors 1oz jar.

It’s a 12 colors paint set, which includes brown, black, white, blue, red, orange, green, yellow, pink, purple, lilac, and turquoise.

So, if you select this paint set, you’ll have 12 different color options for customizing your shoes.

The paint is water-based and toxic-free, and these features make it super easy to clean & use. However, this is flexible paint, that’s why the paint won’t crack, peel, fade, or rub off after applied.

For applying this paint to your shoes, sneakers, or boots, you need to use paint brushes, sponges. Also, you can use airbrushing and spray painting techniques to use it on your footwear.

The paint is thin, so maybe you need to apply it in several cots, but make sure to dry before applying the second coat. After painting your shoes with this paint, before you use your shoes, please make sure to dry completely.

Key Features to Highlight:

  • Comes in 12 different colors
  • It’s won’t crack, peel, fade, or rub off
  • It’s toxic-free
  • Specially designed for leather shoes, sneakers, and boots
  • The paint made in the USA

3. Shuttle Art 18 Colors Permanent Paint for Shoes

This permanent shoe paint set comes with 18 60ml paint bottles, and they’re in different colors.

Also, this pack includes three brushes, one palette, and 18 patterns sticker stencils as well.

Mainly the paint is designed for fabric, which is perfect for shoes, bags, t-shirts, jeans.

Also, it’s an ideal option for DIY & art crafts projects. These paints provide permanent results, and they won’t peel or crack, and they don’t fade as well.

These paint bottles are always ready to be used, they don’t need extra textile medium or heating, but if you think you need to thin, then you can use the textile medium.

Therefore, these paints are acid-free, non-toxic, so they’re safe for all age people. This paint set comes with three brushes, so if you select them for painting your shoes, you don’t have to buy brushes separately.

Key Features to Highlight:

  • The paint is permanent
  • Comes with brushes, palette, and sticker stencils
  • Acid & toxic free
  • Perfect for all age people
  • Always ready & super easy to use

4. Leather Studio Leather Paint

It’s a perfect paint for leather surfaces, includes shoes, belts, bags, and more. This paint is crack & peel resistant. And then, it’s drying fast, and it dries darker than when you apply.

The current paint is ruby color, but also available in 24 different colors including black, bright blue, ruby, amethyst, china blue, cobalt, gloss, gold glitter, grey, linen, kelly green, metallic gunmetal, metallic pure gold, navy, neon green, neon orange, neon yellow, orange, pink, red, rusted pipe, silver glitter, yellow, and white.

It’s a water-based and non-toxic paint which is perfect for lots of different surfaces. Therefore, this paint also super easy to clean. To clean it, you’ve to wet it with soap water, and then you’ve to clean it.

Key Features to Highlight:

  • Perfect for lots of different projects
  • Dries super fast
  • Super easy to clean
  • Available in 24 unique color
  • This paint doesn’t crack or peel

5. US Art Supply’s 40 Colors Permanent Shoe Paint Markers for Shoes

Paint markers are easy to use. So, if you use a paint marker for decorating footwear, you’ll get better results, but make sure to use the right shoe marker.

Are you looking for the best paint markers for shoes? If you’re, then this US Art Supply’s 40 Colors Permanent Shoe Paint Markers is an ideal option out there on the market.

As I mention, it’s a 40 color markers set, so already you know this marker set includes 40 color options.

These markers are permanent, and they resist fading from washing. Therefore, these shoe markers have bullet and chisel tips, the bullet tip provides accurate line control for outlining, writing, and sketching, and the chisel tip is perfect for broad writing, filling in, shading, and blending as well.

The shoe paint markers are fade-proof, waterproof, and safe for kids because they’re non-toxic. Lots of people buying this marker set, and most of the users are happy with their quality.

Overall, if you want to decorate your shoes, and make them new & unique, then you can select this marker set and do the job at home. If you’re not satisfied with these markers, return it, the company will refund you.

Key Features to Highlight:

  • Comes in double tip
  • The markers provide permanent color
  • They’re non-toxic
  • Waterproof, and fade-proof
  • Safe for kids6 Super easy to use

6. Neon Nights Premium Glow in the Dark Acrylic Shoe Paint Set

If you would like to make your shoes different from the people, I mean, if you want your shoes to stand out from the crowd, then this Neon Nights Premium Glow in the Dark Acrylic Shoe Paint Set can be a perfect one for you.

The glow in the dark paint set comes in eight different colors such as red, blue, green, yellow, pink, white, orange, and purple as well.

These colors are working great on fabric and canvas shoes and sneakers.

However, these paints are work great on almost all surfaces. We know that some people like to decorate their sneakers & shoes in different ways. That’s why we select this paint set for those people who want to decorate their shoes & sneakers with glow in the dark paint.

And then, these paints are toxic chemicals free, which means they’re safe to use, so if you would like to use glow in the dark acrylic paints on your footwear, then try this glow in dark acrylic paint set.

Key Features to Highlight:

  • Last for a long time
  • Comes in eight colors
  • It has more than 6k customer reviews on Amazon
  • Perfect option for fabric and canvas footwear
  • Toxic chemicals free

Final Words

We hope now you can easily pick paint for your shoes. And painting shoes, not a hard job. So, don’t just throw your faded ugly looking shoes, then select a shoe paint set from our list, paint your shoes.

Paint your shoes and make your old shoes almost new. Or paint your shoes or sneakers to customize. Thank you so much for reading this shoe paint review post.

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