How to Paint Interior Walls Step by Step Guide for All

Painting walls is a simple and easiest task that we can freshen up your place, and that changes the appearance of your house in a remarkable way.

how to paint the interior walls

In this blog post, I’m going to give you five simple tips & steps on how to paint interior walls of the house, one of the most common and easy to do DIY tasks. I hope these tips help you.

Five Simple Tips & Steps ​for Painting Interior Walls

1. Room Preparation

If you want to do a neat job, you must prepare the room so that it does not stain the floor or other surfaces. The use of masking tape, newspaper and plastics can help. In addition, the tape is suitable for delimiting areas that will not be painted, such as the baseboard or skirting board, and the door frames.

2. Surface Preparation

First, you must distinguish between walls that will be painted for the first time and walls with the previous hand of paint. This is important to know the treatment that each of them will take.

In new walls: First of all, you will have to remove the impurities with a large spatula and apply a coat of sealant or “primer for walls”, even before repairing the holes and cracks it has. If they are made of plaster NEVER LIJES IF IT IS NOT PAINTED. This would cause that when you paint the scratches caused by the sandpaper are highlighted and they will be very difficult to remove.

On walls with previous paints: if the layers are too much, of poor quality, or there is moisture, “chipped” paint blisters will have formed that you will have to remove with a spatula.

Surely there will also be spots of fungus, smoke, and mold, which you should remove with water and detergent, but they will come back after painting. It is also recommended the first hand, especially if the previous paint is very old. I invite you to read about the importance of the primer or primer.

3. Repair imperfections

It is time to cover the cracks and holes that could be. With a spatula and the corresponding material, do the work. Sand the patches and the entire wall one by one to adhere to the paint, only if you have previous paint hands. And finally, remove the dust with a brush.

The material for putty may be plaster, plastic, wall paste, or special putties that according to the manufacturer may vary in the mode of presentation. But surely they are the same when applying them. Read the package instructions, how to prepare and apply.

4. Choose paint and colors

The wall paintings are diverse, you will find plastic, acrylic or latex, vinyl, all water-based. They are the most used for interiors because of its easy application and its low odor. The finish can be opaque (matte), Semi-matt (satin or silk gloss), and glossy (also called gloss). Sometimes synthetic enamels are often used, for which it is necessary to have more experience in the application of paints.

This is where you can show off in choosing the colors of your home. These will show your personality or what you want to give to the house. Once chosen, it is possible to buy them prepared or have them prepared in the store. Another alternative is to prepare them yourself in two ways: one is with the addition of dyes or universal toners, and another is mixing different colors of paint.

5. Painting

The number of hands will depend on whether the wall is new or old and if it had a very dark or different color. Usually, apply 2 to 3 hands to cover. Let the paint dry in your hands as directed on the package.

To achieve adequate surface coverage, when painting with a roller, it is very appropriate to use the W technique, with it you will distribute the paint homogeneously leaving a more level and uniform film.

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​Final Words

​If you are looking for interior wall paint on the market? Before you should know about how to paint the interior walls and what is the best interior all paint on the market.

We create the top 10 best interior wall paints list in our paint reviews section. If you want to learn more and pick one on the list, you can click here.

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