How to Paint Louvered Doors [Step by Step Guide]

how to paint louvered doors

Think of an aesthetic door that allows proper ventilation to a room while maintaining privacy, controlled lighting, and temperature. Can you guess something other than louvered doors? These elegant doors have been bringing trendy looks to homes since the middle ages and they are still very fashionable. From bedrooms to closets, they bring touches of … Read more

How to Paint a Deck with Peeling Paint?

how to paint a deck with peeling paint

The deck in your house is the place that has to stand the roughest situations as it situates right outside of your house. It has to withstand the high traffic of people. Besides, from scorching heat to heavy rainfall, a painted deck has to endure the fluctuating weather, and thus with time the paint starts … Read more

How to Finish Cement Board for Paint?

how to finish cement board for paint

For exterior design or home renovation, a cement board is a great choice. This is one kind of fiber cement that is excellent backing for floors, tiles, and walls. While using cement board, it needs to be painted. But before painting cement boards, they require careful finishing. Only after a great finishing, you can paint … Read more

Does Paint Dry Darker or Lighter?

does paint dry darker or lighter

‘Does paint dry darker or lighter’, a frequently asked question that might have popped in your head at some point in your life, and surprisingly almost all of us can relate to it. Imagine you just started painting your living room with a decent cranberry color with fine strokes that even Leonardo da Vinci might … Read more

Can You Paint Over Flex Seal? [All You Need to Know]

can you paint over flex seal

Can you paint over Flex Seal? Well, the answer simply depends on the Flex Seal type that you have chosen for sealing purposes. There are wider ranges of Flex Seal products available in the market. Each of them is different in type and has a different formula. Flex Seals are in constant demand because of … Read more

How to Paint Chrome Bumpers [Easy & Effective Steps]

how to paint chrome bumpers

Bored of having the same silver shiny chrome bumper? Or, want to fix your rusted chrome bumper? Well, painting over it might bring the desired look you wanted for your bumper. Painting chrome bumpers, however, is a bit different. Unlike regular metals, you just cannot paint over chrome directly. This will create flaking paint with … Read more